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Our Team


"For me, being a Clinical Social Worker is a calling. I am passionate about what I do."

Linda Suzanne Elma

I am a Clinical Social Worker in South Florida. I am licensed in Oregon, Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, New York and Colorado. I currently offer telehealth and virtual therapeutic services. I work with individuals with a wide range of concerns including depression, mood disorders, family relations issues, substance use disorders, and co-occurring disorders. I combine different therapeutic approaches based on client's presenting concerns, goals, and motivation, such as, cognitive-behavioral, brief therapy, mindfulness, client-centered, solution-focused therapy.


Life's struggles can be overwhelming and challenging. My goal is to provide you with practical solutions and tools you can apply in all aspects of your life. As my client, we will begin services where you are, while assisting you in identifying healthy solutions to your problems. It is my belief that most people have the ability to grow and build on their own strengths; however, at times, need empowerment and encouragement. Therapy is a collaborative process and I will assist you to learn, grow, and make positive changes that can result in a more fulfilling life.


I am committed to reducing the stigma of mental illness and I am glad that you have reached out for help and I look forward to working with you.


Bachelors in Public Administration - Barry University, Miami Florida

Masters in Business Administration - Saint Thomas University, Miami Florida

Masters in Social Work - Barry University, Miami Florida

Licenses & Certifications
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Florida

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker - New York

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Maine

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Oregon

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Minnesota

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Colorado

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker - New Jersey

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker - North Carolina

  • Certified BLS instructor

  • First Aid/CPR/Blood Borne Pathogen Certified


" Clinical social work allows me to do what I do best, which is to help ease emotional burdens, and empower people to achieve a healthier mind."

Shaniqua V. Gray Garcia

I am a Clinical Social Worker. I currently offer telehealth and virtual therapeutic services. I have provided various forms of advocacy and resources for children, adults and families with the commitment to serving the needs of my community through the art of Social Work.

I know there is no single approach that works for everyone, so I continue to
educate myself on emerging trends to provide the most comprehensive support and guidance to those I serve. I work with individuals and families of all age ranges using an eclectic approach tailored to the unique needs of each new and existing client.


I have years of experience in a variety of settings and with diverse clients, including both long-term and brief interventions for depression, anxiety, mood disorders, familial intervention, and co-occurring disorders. I've used therapeutic approaches such as, cognitive-behavioral, psychotherapy, acute and post-traumatic stress disorder, mindfulness, and solution-focused therapy.


Everyone's experience will not be the exact same, but a common theme that people desire is the need to be heard and also to understand why they may be hurting. As your therapist, my approach will depend on your needs and personal goals. I fully believe that personal empowerment comes along with understanding your emotions and any trauma you may have experienced. I strive to listen, learn, and validate in order to help identify your needs and help you learn positive techniques to assist you in maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Bachelors Degree - Barry University, Miami Florida

Masters in Social Work - Barry University, Miami Florida

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